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The London Fairness Commission was set up by My Fair London and Toynbee Hall because of the high levels of inequality in London and the evidence from the Spirit Level that high levels of inequality are bad for all of us – as well as making the economy financially unstable.

 The Commission is chaired by Lord Victor Adebowale and this is what he says in its Interim Report: 

 “London’s is one of the world’s great cities.  It has become a byword for dynamism, diversity and creativity.  All the signs are that London will continue to attract business, people and money from around the world.  But a dark cloud hangs over London’s future.  Only half of London’s residents currently believe they live in a fair city.  Younger Londoners, the self-employed, disabled people, and many ethnic minorities are more likely to think London is unfair.  These groups make up a growing share of the city’s population.  Our work reveals a distinct set of challenges driving feelings of unfairness.  Access to affordable housing, transport, and the high cost of living prevent many Londoners from saving, achieving security, and owning their own home.  It is the combination of these two things – a growing group that feel unfairly treated and precarious, and powerful forces which lock many Londoners out of security and prosperity – that gives the shadow of unfairness its dark hue.  London thrives because it is seen as a place of opportunity.  Growing unfairness threatens this valuable asset and the city’s success.”

 The London Fairness Commission is organising conversations that allow Londoners to question whether the path their city is taking is a fair one.  It will do this by asking three questions – What is fairness?  Is London Fair?  Should we be trying to make London a fairer city?”

 The interim report includes the results from a survey of Londoners about fairness, outlines some basic facts around income, wealth and housing on London and identifies some key issues for further conversation with Londoners.  This can be accessed at

 A major public meeting to consult Londoners was held at the Guildhall in September.  A number of other events have been agreed:

9th November. 10am to 4pm, Civil society open space (with LVSC), Museum of London, EC2Y 5HN

9th November, 5.30pm to 8.30pm, Civil society open space event (with LVSC), Museum of London, EC2Y 5HN

19th November, 5.30pm to 8pm, London Youth, open space event (venue near Kings Cross)

21st November, 10am to 4pm, Race on the Agenda, open space event, Coin Street Centre, SE1 9NH

10th December, 10am to 2pm, Age UK London, open space event, Stowe Centre, W2 5ES

The purpose of these five Open Space events (covering civil society groups, BAME communities, younger Londoners and older Londoners) is two fold:

First, to ask participants to freely respond to the question 'What do we need to do to make London a fairer city?'. 

Second, to test potential recommendations that are being discussed by Commissioners.

They will be lively, energetic and focused events.  

For further information on these events contact London Fairness Commission at Toynbee Hall on 0207 247 6943 or e-mail at


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