5 Steps for a fairer city - manifesto for the Mayor of London

We have published our manifesto for the Mayor of London: '5 Steps for a fairer city'.  My Fair London's manifesto calls on the next Mayor to take concerted action on housing, on the economy and to help young people. It asks the next Mayor to make narrowing the gap between rich and poor the organising principle for their administration. Whoever becomes Mayor on 5th May we want them to take action on the gross economic inequality that harms us and our city. Polling day is less than a month away. We need to act now.

Help us make sure that all the leading candidates understand how worried Londoners are about fairness in the city. Read our '5 Steps for a fairer city', sign the petition, and email the candidates themselves asking them to sign up, and share the My Fair London manifesto with your friends, neighbours, classmates, workmates.

Click here to read '5 Steps for a fairer city' and sign the My Fair London petition.

We handed out the first copies of our manifesto at the UK premier of 'The Divide' in the West End last night. We gave out over 200 copies and then we ran out. The film is a powerful, moving presentation of what has happened in Britain and America over the last 35 years - when the rich have been allowed to astonishingly richer - how our societies have been corrupted and our lives diminished. And the leaks from Panama give us all a glimpse of the arrogance and sense of entitlement of the wealthy, hiding away their money and avoiding normal obligations to their fellow citizens. At the same time the numbers of homeless people on the streets of London continue to rise, and the next round of Government welfare cuts take more money away from the poorest members of our society. Enough is enough. Help us make sure the next Mayor really understands just how serious the problem of inequality has become. Support My Fair London's '5 Steps for a fairer city', click the link above to sign the petition, email the Mayoral candidates and join our campaign.

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