We Mind the Gap - Our Manifesto for a #Fairer London

Inequality in London almost doubled in the 1980s. It has stayed at this high level for the last thirty years.

  • We now have more billionaires than any other city in Europe, and more than another point in our history;
  • 5% of Londoners own 50% of the wealth of our city. 50% of Londoners share only 5% of the wealth between them;
  • Homelessness has increased by 150% in the last ten years;
  • Child poverty has tripled in the last 40 years.

With the impending election, now is the time to ask our mayoral candidates to make a commitment to reduce inequality. In response to the rising inequality and the approaching London Mayoral Election in 2020, My Fair London has produced a manifesto calling upon the candidates to commit to building a more equal London and outlining ways to make our city a more equal place to live. 

You can read about the ways in which the Mayor of London can have greater influence and impact inequality in London with our ‘Five Steps for a Fairer London’. You can also read about the profound impact economic inequality has on our city. Finally, you can find ways you can get involved in influencing the Mayoral candidates to commit to changing London and creating a more equal, happier city. The next Mayor of London must narrow the gap between rich and poor. 

You can read the full manifesto here.

We have also produced a shorter, summary leaflet. You can use the front page as a poster - print it out and stick it on your work or school noticeboard.

Download the summary leaflet

If you wish to get involved, you can also sign the petition calling for the Mayoral candidates to commit to the ‘Five Steps to a Fairer London. You can also choose to share links to the manifesto, petition and other resources on our webpage.

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