It is time for action on economic inequality in London

London has the largest gap between rich and poor of any city in the developed world. Evidence from The Spirit Level and beyond shows that the greater this gap, the greater the problems for all, rich or poor. Crime, distrust, anxiety and mental illness increase.

Inequality damages the health, education and social mobility of all our children, rich and poor.

Economic inequality harms everyone. It also costs the taxpayer. My Fair London works to make London a fairer city for everyone. We organise events to understand the evidence, build campaigns, support local groups and take action.

Join Us TO CREATE A FAIRER CITY. Together we can make a difference for All Londoners.


DOWNLOAD our MAYOR of LONDON 2016 Manifesto and please sign our Petition

2016 MFL Programme

We have monthly meetings often with prominent speakers held at our venue UCLH, 250 Euston Rd, London. Please sign up for more details. Meetings start at 6:30pm till 8:30pm.

Next meeting: Annual General Meeting

20th July 

Featured petition

We challenge the next Mayor to take action on inequality. Support our campaign by signing our petition below

We challenge the next Mayor to take action on inequality. Support our campaign by signing our petition and send the message below to the candidates:

I call on you, as a candidate for the office of Mayor of London, to sign up to five steps for a fairer London.

“If Londoners elect me as Mayor I commit to immediate and long-term action to narrow the gaps between rich and poor, as a central and continuous priority for my administration, and to take five steps to a fairer London.

As Mayor of London I will:

  1. put fairness and equity at the heart of my programme to tackle London’s housing crisis
  2. make fair pay and fair incomes central to my plans for London’s economy
  3. put fairness between generations, and between our communities at the centre of long-term planning for London
  4. ensure that all my policies are judged to help narrow the gap between rich and poor, so that all Londoners feel part of our city.
  5. set up a standing Fairness Commission to assess and monitor the impacts of regional and national inequality

Help us persuade the candidates to sign up to five steps for a fairer London. Cut and paste the message above and email them at: 

Sadiq Khan, Labour, london@labour.org.uk

Zac Goldsmith, Conservative media@backzac2016.com

Sian Berry, Green, action@sianberry.london

Caroline Pidgeon, Lib Dem, info@carolinepidgeon.org

5,000 signatures

Our Manifesto for the Mayor of London: 

Five steps for a fairer London   Download here

Step One:  Housing – put fairness and equity at the heart of efforts to tackle London’s housing crisis:

- intervene to tackle the broken property market, where only the very rich can afford to buy, where even young professionals are stuck paying extortionate rents, while new flats are kept empty by their investor owners.

- Bring down rents to truly affordable levels, so families don’t have to give over half their income to the landlord, and where taxpayers money is poured into the pockets of private landlords through Housing Benefit.

- Invest in new council homes for rent at prices that are truly affordable so that council homes are no longer only homes of last resort for the poorest.

- Make sure that new developments always contain a mix of properties so that people from all backgrounds can live together in the same neighbourhoods, making London once again a shared, open and honest city.

Step Two: Fair pay and fair incomes:

- launch a Fair Pay mark for employers to encourage all businesses to publish salary levels and reward those who achieve a ratio of ten to one between their highest and lowest earner.

- ensure that all Mayoral organisations introduce pay ratios and move towards becoming ten to one employers.

- re-double efforts to eradicate low pay, building on the London Living Wage

Step Three: A fair future for the next generation

- Lobby central government for fairer taxes so that everyone has a more equal start in life & taxes redistribute wealth from the top downwards

- Make sure that where you live, your race, gender or disability doesn’t unfairly limit your life chances

- Allocate more investment to help young people – reduce the cost of education, create real, paid apprenticeships, challenge un-paid internships

- challenge the super-rich, global corporations and the top of the financial services sector to stop taking grossly unfair rewards and recognize that businesses suffer, society suffers and our city is diminished by gross inequality

Step Four:  Equity in all policies – we are all Londoners

- make sure transport and planning policies work to reinforce fairness and do all they can to narrow health, opportunity and income gaps – for example give young people free travel for their first six months of employment

- make sure London-wide education programmes target resources at the most disadvantaged, but involve all young people

Step Five: Shine a spotlight on fairness and inequality

-establish a standing, city-wide, representative fairness commission, to monitor changes over time, highlight areas of concern, identify new and better responses and celebrate the successes of Londoners, as together ,we make the city a fairer place.

Inequality is tearing at London’s social fabric. We need a Mayor who understands that money is power and that it needs to be shared out more equally.

We know that inequality is bad for us and bad for our city. This manifesto sets out five steps for the next Mayor of London to begin the task of turning London from a global capital of inequality to a global capital of equity and fairness.  

We call on the next Mayor of London to sign up to five steps for a fairer London.

 DOWNLOAD OUR Our Manifesto for the Mayor of London:

Will you sign?

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