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Like a virus, inequality infects our minds. It harms way we relate to one another and how we feel. Nowhere is this more relevant than in London. Our Agenda for a #FairerLondon, created by citizens and activists, asks the Mayor of London to reduce inequality – a lot. We need to change the shape of our society, for everyone’s benefit.  

Inequality is woven into the structures of our society through multiple, overlapping layers of discrimination, racism and injustice. Our solutions must do the same, reach throughout society, and wherever possible work to address not the symptoms but the root causes of inequality: the unfair distribution of power and money. 

Read our Agenda for a Fairer London and Sign the petition calling on Mayoral candidates to take action on London's obscene levels of inequality.

It's time for action on inequality - we need to narrow the gaps between us

London is one of the most unequal cities in the developed world. A growing body of evidence shows that the greater the gap between rich and poor, the more society is damaged and we all suffer. Just as tuberculosis still does, and just as cholera did in the 19th Century, rates of death from Covid19 have shown us the contours of inequality in our city.

But it's not just infectious diseases that play on our relationships. Because of the way it makes us feel about ourselves and about others, as inequality rises so does crime, anxiety, distrust and mental illness. Inequality damages the health and educational chances of our children, rich and poor. Inequality fuels London's housing crisis, and it is bad for the economy, according to dangerous radicals like the Bank of England, the World Bank and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation Development. The gaps between people that inequality creates harm everyone. And these harms cost society billions. Our extreme inequality is plainly unjust. But London doesn't have to be like this.


What is My Fair London?

My Fair London campaigns to make London a fairer city, a city where people trust each other, where families can thrive, where people come together. A fairer London would be a more civilised city, a city where life is getting better, a city that leads the world in tackling the many problems that face us.

We are a group of ordinary Londoners. We organise campaigns, support local groups, try to come up with ideas that will make a difference. One particular focus is to try and influence the Mayor of London his policies.

My Fair London is affiliated with The Equality Trust, the national equality charity.

We are determined to change our city for the better. Get involved. Sign up as a supporter. Check out the blog pages on this site to read more about inequality in London and what needs to be done.

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We hold monthly open group meetings to plan our actions. We also organise regular public meetings and discussions about inequality. Sign up as a supporter and you'll get regular emails keeping you up to date with our activities. Our meetings are usually on weekday evenings and start at 6:30pm

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  • From the blog

    Make London a Fair Tax City - a guest blog from the Fair Tax Foundation

    Mary Patel, Networks Manager at the Fair Tax Foundation calls on London residents to get behind the new Councils for Fair Tax campaign:

    Londoners can help put fair tax at the heart of our capital city

    Dodgy tax practices and unfair competition – from corporation tax avoidance to hiding assets offshore  – worsen inequality in London and hit the poorest hardest. Solutions can feel far from reach, closely guarded by experts and officials with few confident to challenge them. We can campaign together to overcome this, lending your voice as London citizens to our local tax justice campaign.

    As demonstrated by the Living Wage and Fairtrade movements, action by local campaigners can lead to progressive changes in the way that business and the public sector operate. At the beginning of June we’ll be launching a local fair tax campaign platform, making it easy for you to call on your local councillor to back tax justice via our Councils for Fair Tax Declaration.

    20 local councils across the UK have already signed up to the Declaration, committing to lead by example on their own tax conduct, encouraging responsible tax and challenging the ‘bad’. We’re now seeing more businesses ask us about fair tax as a result. Across London, Greenwich and Lambeth Council have lead the way and signed up to the Declaration, but we need many more on board if we’re to send a strong message to supplier businesses that fair tax matters. This is where we need your support in emailing your local councillor, to show that London residents back action on tax justice.

    For anyone concerned with London’s inequality challenges, the need for greater fairness in how taxes are designed and paid won’t be a new idea. The UK as a whole is estimated to lose around £17bn in corporation tax receipts as a result of multinational profit shifting alone. This impacts on support for London’s vital public services from bin collections to public transport, council leisure centres to social care. Backing fair tax will help London celebrate the positive contribution our capital city makes to the whole of the UK, and show that the city stands up for an issue that people care about across the country.

    Alongside London's local councils, we need more London-based responsible businesses paying their fair share, reporting transparently on tax & profits for the benefit of residents and the whole country: London leading the way as a national and global business hub. Our Fair Tax Mark accreditation scheme recognises businesses that pay tax responsibly and transparently. In London, accredited businesses already include a wide variety of firms, from social enterprise Clean for Good, to the international construction firm behind the Olympic park and the Shard, Mace, and ethical investment manager Epworth. These and many more are proud to pay the right amount of tax and report transparently on profits, taxes and who benefits from the business.

    Fair tax cuts through to London’s dirty money problem too, as good tax conduct is about knowing who owns and controls a business, as well as how profits are made and taxes paid. This transparency reduces the risk of not just tax evasion but corruption and fraud as well - tools to help tackle the ‘Londongrad’ problem, alongside proposed new economic crime laws.

    The London Councils for Fair Tax campaign will launch during Fair Tax Week (11-19 June) in collaboration with Tax Justice UK. My Fair London supporters can join us at an Equality Trust online event on the evening of Monday 13th June to explore further.

    Follow us on Twitter @FairTaxMark or sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date with the latest fair tax news.

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    November 2021 - Annual General Meeting - Agenda and Papers

    Agenda for My Fair London's Annual General Meeting (discussion papers linked at the bottom of this page)

    6.00pm on Monday 22nd November 2021

    Welcomes and apologies for absence

    1. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising
    2. Annual General Meeting
    • Chair’s report
    • Treasurer’s report
    • Review of MFL activities and plans for the future – see attached paper from Sean Baine, vice chair of MFL
    • MFL Elections
    • Nominations are invited for the following posts:




    Membership Secretary

    Events and volunteer coordinator

    Website manager

    November Business Meeting

    1. MFL Speakers
    2. Islington Crisis Fund – update report
    3. Publications
    4. Equality Trust
    5. MFL and likeminded groups
    6. Social media and website
    7. Contacts with GLA and Boroughs
    8. Dates of next meetings
    9. Any Other Business

    Discussion papers:

    My Fair London review paper

    Islington Crisis Fund - update report

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