It's time for action on inequality - we need to narrow the gaps between us

London is one of the most unequal cities in the developed world. A growing body of evidence shows that the greater the gap between rich and poor, the more society is damaged and we all suffer.

As inequality rises so does crime, anxiety, distrust and mental illness. Inequality damages the health and educational chances of our children, rich and poor. Inequality fuels London's housing crisis, and it is bad for the economy, according to dangerous radicals like the Bank of England, the World Bank and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation Development. The gaps between people that inequality creates harm everyone. And these harms cost society billions. Our extreme inequality is plainly unjust. But London doesn't have to be like this.

In May 2020 we will elect a new Mayor of London. We have published our manifesto calling for action on five key area:

  • narrow the wealth gap;
  • give young Londoners a fair start;
  • affordable homes across the city;
  • fair pay and fair taxes;
  • and a caring city.   

And we have launched a petition to put pressure on the candidates to take action on inequality.

Read Our Manifesto for a Fairer London, and sign our petition here.


What is My Fair London?

My Fair London campaigns to make London a fairer city, a city where people trust each other, where families can thrive, where people come together. A fairer London would be a more civilised city, a city where life is getting better, a city that leads the world in tackling the many problems that face us.

We are a group of ordinary Londoners. We organise campaigns, support local groups, try to come up with ideas that will make a difference. One particular focus is to try and influence the Mayor of London his policies.

We are determined to change our city for the better. Get involved. Sign up as a supporter. Check out the blog pages on this site to read more about inequality in London and what needs to be done.

Sign up as a supporter and help us create a fairer city for everyone




We hold monthly open group meetings to plan our actions. We also organise regular public meetings and discussions about inequality. Sign up as a supporter and you'll get regular emails keeping you up to date with our activities. Our meetings are usually on weekday evenings and start at 6:30pm

My Fair London is affiliated to The Equality Trust, the national equality charity.

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