Fairness is the central concern for Jeremy Corbyn

At a packed Fabian Society conference today Jeremy Corbyn put fairness at centre of his keynote speech. He called for fairer housing, fair wages, a fairer economy.  His speech highlighted just how unfair so many of the current Government's policies are, hitting the poorest hardest, and making life easier for the wealthy.

My Fair London had an exhibition stand at the conference and we were busy all day talking to delegates.  Thanks for so many good conversations and to the 80+ people who signed up to our mailing list.

Much of Corbyn's speech could have been written by My Fair London.  He described how inequality is bad for jobs and growth, how it is neither necessary nor inevitable, and how people at the top have taken too much.  One of his proposals, heavily trailed in the media, was to link companies paying dividends to shareholders to whether they pay a living wage to their lowest paid employees. He spoke about the need for wage ratios, a key My Fair London campaign objective.

At lunchtime Labour's mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan spoke about London's housing crisis, setting out some very practical proposals to tackle our broken housing market. Inequality seemed to underpin much of Sadiq's message but he could have emphasised it's impact on London more explicitly. Rampant inequality is the root of so many of London's problems.

Come along to our meeting on 20th January to help us develop our campaign ideas for the Mayoral election.

Lots of press coverage of the speech - there's detailed report in the Guardian here


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