Inequality and the economy - building a fairer London

We are pleased to publish our new pamphlet, on inequality and the economy. In a few pages we try to summarise just how our society, and London, became so unequal over the last forty years. We also set out some of the changes we think are needed to help make our city and our economy fairer for everyone.

We need London (and the UK) to change course, towards a fairer future, where we can all share in the wealth, culture and opportunities that our city can offer. Inequality tears at our social fabric and harms us all, but to change direction we need to change the way our economy is run, and in whose interests. We hope this pamphlet helps make those arguments. 

If you like it please share with friends, family, colleagues.  If you can help us produce better leaflets, or simply have ideas about how we can make London a fairer city, get involved. Follow the link below to sign up as a supporter. You'll get emails from us about meetings, demonstrations, and collaborative projects we are working on.


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  • Neil Macindoe
    Sustainability is a three legged stool – social, economy, and environment – take one away and it all falls over – together with a new social contract we need to pursue measures to address environmental crises of which climate change brings the highest risks