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04 February 2016

London Assembly Economy Committee - London's Labour Markets Report

Please find attached a copy of the London Assembly Economy Committee’s report, The Hourglass Economy: An analysis of London's Labour Market. The report is the culmination of an investigation by the Committee, into the response of London’s labour market to the 2008 economic downturn. 

As the dust of the recession settles, the data indicates a strong recovery. However our investigation has revealed that, for some at least, the labour market now is a less positive place in which to work, than prior to the downturn. 

The report calls for clear action by the Mayor, and his successor, to improve:

  • skills, career prospects and job opportunities for Londoners;
  • job quality and contractual arrangements offered by London’s employers;
  • flexible working practices in the capital; and
  • the level of in-work poverty in the capital through furthering the impact of the London Living Wage.

You can find the report on our webpage, here. We hope that you will enjoy reading the report and that you will welcome and support its recommendations. 

Please feel free to promote the report via your own social networks. An example tweet you may like to use can be found here.

With very best regards,

London Assembly Economy Committee.


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