My Fair London meets Lib Dem Candidate for Mayor, Luisa Porritt

My Fair London was delighted to welcome Luisa Porritt, Liberal Democrat Candidate for Mayor of London, to a public discussion of our 2021 Agenda for a Fairer City, and to present her ideas to build a fairer London.

The evening was chaired for us by Trust for London Chief Executive Bharat Mehta. Luisa spoke fluently about what a Lib Dem Mayor might do for London. She was a little elusive in her response to some of the radical ideas in our Agenda, on pay ratios for example, but she answered a huge diversity of questions from MFL activists, from speaking eloquently about racial injustice in the city and the damage caused by Brexit, to knowledgeably addressing the ongoing problems with Hammersmith Bridge. If you want to be Mayor of London it helps to know something about everything and Luisa was impressively on top of lots of detail.

The Liberal Democrat (and Luisa's manifesto) focusses on 'homes, jobs and clean air', which no-one can be against. Probably fair to say that some of our members were not convinced she understood just how many of London's problems are rooted in the structural social and economic inequalities (the size of the gaps between people) that blight our city.  

Make up you mind for yourself and watch Luisa's meeting with us below:


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  • Alex Bax