Taxing the top - what history tells us about taxing the rich?

A really interesting book launch on 13th April, hosted by the Resolution Foundation. 'Taxing the Rich: A History of Fiscal Fairness in the United States and Europe' is by David Stasavage and Kenneth Scheve.

When and why do countries choose to tax the rich? How do the lessons of history compare to what is happening in the UK today? Do the richest in society need to pay more, or are they already sharing an unfair burden of the UK’s declining tax base? Great questions. At My Fair London meetings we often talk about how important it is to help people understand the changing nature of inequality over time.

The launch event starts at 5.30 and will include a presentation by the authors followed by discussion with Deborah Hargreaves from the High Pay Centre and Paul Johnson from the Institute of Fiscal Studies.  The event is free (with refreshments) and any My Fair London members interested in attending can book tickets through the Resolution Foundation web site.

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