UK bosses pay out of control and unjustifiable

A set of reports showing how the top 1% are out of control, unaccountable, and not worth the money they are paid. Read the coverage in The Observer here.

Interesting that the London School of Economics, often a bastion of conventional economic theory, is beginning to make inequality, and the outrageous level of rewards taken by business leaders, a significant focus of its research.  Of course The Spirit Level and much other work show that these levels of inequality are harmful to society. With so many businesses headquartered  in London, we need to show the capital's business leaders that their collective greed is irritating the hell out of the rest of us!

At the same time new analysis from the JRF Foundation shows that the risk of experiencing childhood abuse and neglect is related to poverty. So the Government has cut top rates of tax for the rich and cut benefits for the poor. We will be launching My Fair London's manifesto for a fairer city shortly - calling on the next Mayor of London to find a different way.


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