Fair housing, fair space, fair rents

We need to change how we do housing in London. The ‘housing market’ is completely broken.  We need homes people can afford to rent and to buy. Endlessly rising house prices lock thousands out of the chance of ever owning a home. Too much housing has become an investment not a home. The lack of rights for tenants creates chronic insecurity & blights people's lives. During the pandemic Government banned unfair evictions and got ‘Everyone In’ from the streets.  Change is possible. We could control rents, build publicly or socially-owned homes and recognise that the market is rubbish at fairly providing homes for people.

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Please read our report about housing and inequality in London and more detailed ideas about what needs to change.  This post was our response to Sadiq Khan's housing strategy. We called for more radical actions in response to London chronic housing crisis. 

Here we responded to Sadiq's London Plan consultation, with out ideas about how to use the planning system to create a fairer London, not a developers paradise.

In this blog we explore Covid19 and inequality in London. Overcrowding and poor quality housing made some Londoners far more vulnerable to the virus than others.



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It's "Inequality stupid"

• Fair economy: fair pay, fair taxes, fair incomes, fair rewards

Fair housing, fair space, fair rents

• Climate change and the environment

• Children and young people

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• Power and democracy

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