Climate change and the environment

Covid19 has drawn attention away from the terrifying challenge of climate change. The rich, and the very rich consume vastly more than the rest of us. Tackling economic inequality is central to tackling climate change. The huge changes needed to save the planet must have fairness and equity at their centre. People in more equal societies support more collective action: action on inequality reinforces action on climate change.

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Just before Covid struck we hosted a public meeting with Dario Kenner, author of 'Carbon Inequality: the role of the richest in climate change'. Read a report of that evening here.

You can watch our meeting with Sian Berry, Green Party Candidate for Mayor of London here. Among other things Sian endorsed My Fair London's 2021 Agenda for a Fairer City

And watch our on-line meeting with leading economist Ann Petifor, author of The Case for a Green New Deal, about how averting the climate crisis depends on fundamental economic change.

(with thanks to the Equality Trust and the Trust for London for supporting all our public meetings)

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It's "Inequality stupid"

• Fair economy: fair pay, fair taxes, fair incomes, fair rewards

Fair housing, fair space, fair rents

• Climate change and the environment

• Children and young people

• Press and the media

• Power and democracy

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