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The Spring Meeting Program 

Meetings sponsored by,   My Fair London – West,  Ealing Quaker Economic Justice Group and West London Compass  

 7.30 pm Tuesday 16th February

A talk and discussion on the psychological damage caused by inequality 

Talk title: Inequality: The Enemy Between Us:
Bill Kerry from The Equality Trust will talk about how inequality creates social distances between people and will indicate the mechanisms which lead from inequality to chronic stress and status anxiety and so to poor health and social outcomes.

Northfields Community Centre Northcroft Rd   W13 9SS.  

5 mins walk Northfields tube, E2 and E3 Buses

Bring a friend tell someone about the meeting


7.30 pm Tuesday 5th April

Emily Kenway from the living wage foundation will talk about low pay, the politics and the policies.

As part of the discussion we will consider the launch of the “My Fair Council” campaign and campaign actions for economic inequality in Ealing.

Northfields Community Centre Northcroft Rd   W13 9SS.  

5 mins walk Northfields tube, E2 and E3 Buses


7.00 pm Sunday 24th April,

At the Quaker Meeting house 17 Woodville Rd

A showing of the film the divide, a documentary depiction of living with inequality.  Following the film there will be light refreshments and a discussion.

Contact [email protected]

PSLast week I joined members of a community branch of the union unite in a pavement protest about employment conditions at sports direct.  If you are interested in having information about similar future protests let me know. 


MFL-WL Objective  To increase public support for action to reduce economic inequality and create a fair economy that works for the benefit of all and not the few.

HOW  By organizing public meetings with talks that  illustrate the extent of inequality and the extent of the harm caused to individuals and the economy by inequality and the changes required to create a fairer more equal society.

By campaigning on local issues to oppose increased inequality and reduce the existing inequalities to create a fairer society working for all.  To create an alliance of local groups to campaign more effectively to reduce inequality.

To campaign to educate to illustrate the wrongs of inequality.

Organisation The activities of WLMFL will be based on regular meetIngs with a speaker, discussion, report back on campaigning activities followed by further discussion in a pub or coffee bar.

The activities of WLMFL will be decided on and planned by it’s self organizing  supporters without any formal structure.  WLMFL will work in affiliation with the  equality trust and the central London MFL.  


Fairness in West London not just a meritocracy

When David Cameron says the conservatives are the champions of fairness, he means to create a competitive meritocracy.  He eulogises over the possibility that a fabulously talented women from an ethnic minority might get a fair interview.

We say a fair and equal society is one which all its members enjoy a full life, developing and participating according their interests and motivations, living in happy families and participating in their communities.

Doing this without barriers of money and knowledge.

In West London we think all Chelsea supporters should get to see their team sometimes





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    I like it they have an objective and a How to get there plan