We Mind the Gap - Our Manifesto for a #Fairer London

This is My Fair London's manifesto for the 2020 London Mayoral elections. We want the Mayor of London to put action on inequality at the very centre of their administration. Inequality harms our children, corrodes society and undermines democracy. The next Mayor of London must narrow the gap between rich and poor. 

Download the manifesto

We have also produced a shorter, summary leaflet. You can use the front page as a poster - print it out and stick it on your work or school noticeboard.

Download the summary leaflet


Inequality and the economy

This My fair London pamphlet describes how London's (and the UK) economy has become so unequal over the last forty years. It also presents some of our ideas on how to make our city a fairer place once again.


Housing and inequality in London

This My Fair London pamphlet shows just how unfair and unequal housing in London has become. If we shared our the housing we have, changed the rules of what gets built, and invested in social housing, we would create a fairer city for everyone.


London Fairness Commission

My Fair London promoted the idea of a London Fairness Commission in 2015 and worked with partners across the city to make it happen. The Fairness Commission, funded by a range of partners and hosted by Toynbee Hall, sat for 12 months and delivered its final report in March 2016. The Labour, Green and Lib Dem candidates all attended a launch event on the South Bank, and welcomed the report and its recommendations." Click on the image below to download
Sadiq responding to the Fairness Commission